Helix Tech is a Health Technology and Informatics software development company founded in 2015 by a group of doctors, software engineers, and data analysts; with the goal of enabling access to cost-effective software and web-applications for clinical and administrative health-care activities.

Our vision is to build a platform for the efficient creation of safe and secure software. This will enable both smaller health related organisations, as well as projects within larger organisations, to generate the software infrastructure necessary for success, but which would usually be prohibitively expensive. These projects and companies have the potential to create highly cost effective improvements to patient care: we're here to support them.

We believe in fostering innovation, especially within healthcare, and so are happy to be approached about any health-related projects. If your project or business would benefit from an app, website or other software, then get in touch.

Furthermore, we're developing a design portfolio of our own solutions; we aim to generate, wield and analyse 'big-data' in order to drive improvements in healthcare outcomes.

Our design concepts are rooted fundamentally in user-centric, care-focused, agile, flexible and individualised philosophies; believing that customisability is inherently connected to safety and effectiveness. Software solutions must be tailored to the clinical or administrative situation – not the other way round.

Our aim is to develop and deliver health software; which both enables healthcare teams to deliver high-quality, safe, effective and cost-efficient care; and empowers patients: with knowledge regarding their ongoing care, to become invested in their own health.

In short: health software – by users, for users; for patients: to advance care and quality of care.

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